Merge Dragons Atlantis event 2020 has begun! Tips to win.


mergedragons-atlantisevent-banarAh! the Atlantis event is now on the roll.
Let’s see what you need to do in order to WIN!!
I mean, Enjoy and Win!!

So, the key to win is simple, but it needs some work.

Lots of tapping, merging and all.

Atlantis event takes place from May 2,to May 5, 2020.

But I also find that this event reminds me of something…

Oh yes!! Same event from last year 2019!

I personally call this the “Event resurrection!” It’s a screenshot from my Japanese screen but, absolutely the same.

Ohhh Kay let’s start the event try to win earning the event prize 100%.


Merge Dragons “Atlantis” event map

I know the map looks a poor job done but this is my limit of making the whole map.

Now what shape could it be?
It’s a shape of something but this is an object AKA ???

I always try to make a map and this is the best I can do.

What interests me is that Every map has a shape of an object of something.

And I just noticed that this is the same map from last years event.

How to start Merge Dragons “Atlantis” event

There are no one answer how to play for winning the event.

All you need is Time! but I do want you to use your time wisely and win the event sooner and easier.

Here are some points that may be useful during the events.

Aim for the “EVENT” points clear of the event

If you are aiming for a perfect clear of the event, you need to start and come up with a different strategy.

Aim all the EVENT points. 
Aim all ten QUEST points. 

or you can Aim for both!!

But like I said, Not so easy!

So we will concentrate of winning the EVENT points only.
I always have trouble with Time management.

What to do

1.Purify Dead lands on the map up to 500 per tile.

Some task list that you need to keep in mind.

・Create a Large Life orb.
・Create a Common level Life flower.
・More Dragons, the better. (You normally get two)
・Create two of Lv.9 event items.(Gaining 20,000 event points x 2)

Some things needs to be done so let’s get started.

2.Once you come to acertain point, prepare for the “Event collection” map.

Now let’s break it down.

You want your dragons to collect Event items even when you are eating, watching TV, studying, working, sleeping.

So next step is,

A.Sell all unnecessary items on your event map.
B.Create an open space so the dragons can collect and deploy.
C.Best if you could only leave the “Event item collector object” so that your dragons can harvest “ONLY Event items” all times.
D.Check your app. once a while and merge to make more space.

And that’s it!!

What you will be seeing is a map full of Lv.1 or Lv.2 event items.

Your dragons will fill your map within 2-3 hours.

Maybe less, maybe more time needs according to your progress.



Check your app. and merge time by time.
Higher level event items, focus on a 5 merge only.
No mistake on High level event Items, a 5 merge must be done!!!

Merge baby and get all event items in your hands.
no no “Camp !!”