Easy way of winning Merge Dragons event! – No cheat, no skill required!


Merge Dragon events are held time by time and I found an ultimate way of winning first event prize!

Now as you may now, the event map is always at a different map.
You need to move to the event map starting from faze one.

May, 2019. The Owlympus Event!

An enchain Greek map.

The map shape with a Pegasus flying toward the temple.

I think that the idea is so cute and interesting not to make players to loose high hopes against events.

・March, 2019. Fly Me To The Mood Event!

The bottom line is “Enjoy the event” but if you are going to try to earn better or the best prize, I think I have a way.
Let’s see how I win the highest prize on these events, boosting my base camp dragon power!


Not the fastest but fair enough.

It’s quite a challenge to heal all Dead Land on a very short time.

As you may now, the healing life orb power must be bigger the more you heal Dead Land.
The healing power per tile is like below.

・Starter 1-50
・Middle 50-500
・Last 500-5000
・Extra challenge 20000 (Enormous amount of healing power)

I used to try healing all Dead Land which led me that the priority was to create the biggest Life Orb.
But you need to beware that healing all Dead Land does NOT give you any winning items.

Healing takes time and time is limited during events.

[word_balloon id=”1″ position=”L” size=”S” balloon=”tail_2″ name_position=”under_avatar” radius=”true” avatar_border=”false” avatar_shadow=”true” balloon_shadow=”true” icon_type=”bummer” icon_position=”top_left” icon_size=”M” avatar_hide=”false” font_size=”14″ box_center=”true” text_align=”C”]「Why did I work so hard to heal all the dead lands?」[/word_balloon]

I had no choice but to abandoned because the lack of merging event items.
So here is my strategy after reaching the Last healing lands with 500-5000 healing points.

Merging only 3 – Table

Ah! The main merging of 3 items during the event.
You can see how many points you will gain by 3 merges.

Simple math, merge 3 and you get 1 upper level item.

Merging 3 – table
Benefits 1623108381132844451736368408

Merging 5 a bargain way – Table

Much better to merge 5 at once better than merging 3.
You can gain a higher item for less merging.

Merge 5 and get 2 higher level items.
Try to maintain 5 merger at all times.

Merging 5 – table
Benefits 318692729053012977936948142371

Comparing with merging 3 and 5,

・Merging 3 only and create a level 3 item, you need 18 level 1 items.
・Merging 5 only and create a level 3 item, you need 13 level 1 items.

As you can see, the difference between merging 3 and 5 are critical.
If you want to win the event, merging 5 is the key to winning.

Aim for the best!

The more event points you earn, the better the prize will be.
In order to boost your camp, Why not aim for the best!

(Event items from “Valentines”)

It’s that easy. Aim for the highest event item.

Just to remind you that this strategy is,

・No cheat
・No billing
・No item purchase

All you need is “TIME”!

A screen shot of my “in the middle of an event” and you can see a level 1 heart shape event item all over the place!


So let’s figure out how much event point you need to win.
40,000 Points  (Two Level.9 items worth 20000 points each) will do.

2 x Level 9 Event items.
5 x Level 8 Event items.
13 x Level 7 Event items.
31 x Level 6 Event items.
78 x Level 5 Event items.
195 x Level 4 Event items.
488 x Level 3 Event items.
1221 x Level 2 Event items.
3052 x Level 1 Event items.

Just get 3052 Level 1 Event items to win the prize using only 5 item merge.
It can be done but not realistic.

How to make it work 

Check your devise settings.

This is not about Merge Dragons. This is about your own devise settings.
What you need to do before the event you want to make sure that,
A. Your device has Internet connections at all times.
B. Your device does’n go to auto battery save mode.
C. Your device does’n get other interruptions in the middle of an event.

Once you get an interruption, the Merge Dragon event would appear “This event is Online only” and takes you to the world map.
If you get interrupted, the event stops!

Beginning : Focus only on healing lands.

When starting a new event, you have a very small land and 99% are Dead land.
You want to spread your land to get may different items.
But try to focus on healing lands at first.

There are always 6 dragon eggs which you can merge and get 2 dragons during the event.
Concentrate on healing about 15 – 20 min. until you get 2 dragons free to harvest.

You need 2 dragons to get the job done!

Middle faze – Final stage

From the middle stage, your task would be harvest and merging Life orbs and Event items. Suggest you to concentrate on harvesting on Life orbs and keep merging 5 at all times.
Build a huge Life orb.

Level 9 “The Life Orb of Heavens” is the way to go but it takes a lot of time harvesting from a low level plants.
So I would say 2 Level 7 “Giant Life Orb”s. would be plenty to do the job.

Once they are ready, blast the Level 7 orb to heal Dead Land to widen your space.

Now start harvesting the Event items!

After healing the Dead lands, it’s better to have 24 hours or more before the event ends.
For some safety margin, an extra 12 hours would be great.
From my experience, 36 hours is enough to win the best prize.

Now what you want to do before going to “Hyper leave alone” mode, one last thing to do.

Leave only the “Event related items”.

You need your dragons to concentrate harvesting ONLY event items.
They will harvest and drop, harvest and drop 100% event items.
I’m sure you’ve healed plenty of Dead land and now an open space.
The more land the better your off to go.

And now for the main event,,,,,,

Leave alone with your app on.

That’s all you need to do.

Come back occasionally to see if your dragons are doing their work.
You will see something like this.

Just move some Level 1 items and merge into Level 2!!
Merge again to Level 3 and again to Level 4.

Before your class.
Before work.
Before bed time.

Turn on the app!
Leave them alone.
Sometimes check, merge, and leave them alone.

5.Caution for merging a high level items.

What you need to be careful is when you are merging a high level items.
You want to make sure you make only a “Merge 5” with no mistakes.

In my case, I only merge 5 items from Level 4 or more.
Your goal is to create at least a Level 9 event item.


Hope this was something useful for you. The ultimate weapon is “TIME”. and you can win the highest event items.

1. Get two dragons.
2. Heal as much Dead Land as you can.
3. Leave only the Event related items.
4. Merge 5 as much as possible.
5. Get 2 of Level 9 Event items.

Let’ win the best items and boost your camp!!